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I ditched the gym and then ditched the weight – Thanks home workouts

I have always been into fitness. I usually had a trainer or I was training for something. When the Pandemic hit I freaked out. My anxiety kicked in, “ugh I’m going to get out of shape.” Then a friend of mine suggested I try her home work outs.

I was super skeptical, and to be honest I didn’t have a ton of room. My friend was persistent and convinced me I didn’t need a lot of room and I bought in. 

It didn’t take long. I started with a 21 day program. I had a few weights in the garage. I used the 5 lbs., the 7.5 lbs., and the 10 lbs. in the beginning. It was nice to get a 30 minute work out in, in 30 minutes. No drive to the gym, no waiting for a machine or anything. It was all on my time. 

The big surprise came when I started loosing a little weight and more importantly, inches around my waist and other annoying areas. 

I gotta say I’m hooked now. I’ve completed 5-6 programs.  Ranging from Barre to Boxing and everything in-between. It’s been easy and I don’t have to leave my own home to get a workout in. No weird looks or self confidence issues here. Just a toned lady ready to take on the world. 

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